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TidalFit® Pro EP-15


The Pro EP-15 features the optional Dual Swim System, Quad Swim Jet System, and Twin Benches.

Product Highlights

Volume: 2075 Gal
Semi-inground option available
Weight (Empty): 2400 Lbs
Weight (Filled): 12099 Lbs
Warranty: 2-Year Cabinet | 5-Year Parts, Labor, Plumbing and Electrical | 7-Year Surface | Lifetime Structureª

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FREE delivery includes:

  1. Free delivery within a 40-mile radius of San Diego, CA

Free delivery does NOT include:

  1. Supplying electrical work to bring power to the hot tub location
  2. Difficult to access location (fence removal, decks, rock walls, etc)
  3. Does not include up or down staircases
  4. This does not include the use of a crane or material handler/forklift

Location Requirements:

  1. Clear location access
  2. Ground level or unobstructed raised platform under 24” in height

Extra delivery charges may apply for all deliveries. Please contact us for more information.

Product Description

Introducing the new Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer from the TidalFit brand. This innovative system features a state-of-the-art swim system containing true variable speed pumps. These speed pumps provide the user with a variety of swim options by varying the swim resistance. The simple touch of a button on the touchscreen LCD panel can engage the system and allow you to customize it to your specific preference. Meaning, you can begin with a relaxing warm-up, progress to a high-intensity workout, and then cool down with a lower intensity. To learn more about this personalized approach to exercise, speak with our experts at Champagne Spas today.

Pro EP-15 Features

Explore our innovative hot tub features

Optional Upgrades

  • Jets:
    • Quad Swim Jet System
      • (4) 6.0 in. Swim Jets
      • (2) 3.0 HP 1-Spd Swim Pumps (with Speed Control)
    • Hydrotherapy System
      • 34 Helix Jets
      • 3.0 HP 1-Spd Pump
      • BellagioFalls Water Feature
    • LED Lighting:
      • DynaBrite Max LED
        • (12) 2 in. Lights
        • (1) 5 inch Light – Illuminates Water Feature and 6 inch Swim Jets
    • Stereo Systems:
      • Bluetooth® Music Experience
        • Bluetooth Receiver, AM/FM
        • USB
        • Auxiliary-Input
        • (4) 3 in. Speakers
        • Subwoofer
      • bbaTM2 Audio
        • Fully Integrated Bluetooth Audio Streaming
        • (4) 3 in. Speakers
        • Subwoofer
        • Optional (2) 3 in. Patio Speakers
    • Water Purification:
      • Diamond AOP™
      • Crystal ProPure™ Ozone Mixing Chamber
      • Ozonator
    • Aquatic Training Systems:
      • Stationary Resistant Swim
      • Rowing Bars and Resistant Cords

Pro EP-15 Specs

Volume: 2075 Gal
Dry Weight: 2400 Lbs
Filled Weight: 12099 Lbs
Warranty: 2-Year Cabinet | 5-Year Parts, Labor, Plumbing and Electrical | 7-Year Surface | Lifetime Structureª
Heater: 5.5 kW (60 Hz)
Circulation Pump: Yes
Water Feature: 180 in x 91 in x 60 in
Controls: spaTouch Color Touchscreen Panel
Cover: spaTouch Color Touchscreen Panel
Cabinet: All Seasons Shield Cover
Lighting: Optional
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