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About Champagne Spas in San Diego

About Champagne Spas

The best selection of hot tubs, swim spas, and spa supplies.

Since 1984, our aim has been to deliver quality products and services to each customer who comes through the door. Whether you’re shopping for a new hot tub or are looking to maintain your swim spa installation, Champagne Spas has you covered. With more than 30 years in the business, we know a thing or two about spa ownership, after all. Sundance® San Diego recently awarded Champagne Spas with three noteworthy awards. From the Gold Club Award to the Exceptional Customer Service Award and the International Hall of Fame Award, these lifetime achievement awards are an honor and a privilege for those in the spa industry.

These Awards Make Champagne Spas An Elite Dealer In Their Class

In 30 years of service, Sundance® has only granted the Hall of Fame Award to select dealers. As the eighth recipient, Champagne Spas is extremely pleased to have been granted the honor. It is an award given for extraordinary achievement for high sales volume, fairness to customers and employees, exceptional growth and being the pinnacle of hard work and dedication. Not many dealers can say that they are able to do all of these things with the level of success and consistency that Champagne Spas does.

Our Team

Meet our team of home and backyard leisure experts.

Amanda Lane

How long in spa industry: 2004
How long at Champagne Spas: 2004
Position: General Manager
Store Location: Kearny Mesa
Favorite Spa: Sundance 880 Optima
Previous Work Experience: Retail
Interesting Fact: Did Sundance Commercials personally and with my customers

Cindy Forney

How long in spa industry: 2001
How long at Champagne Spas: June 2014
Position: Sales
Store Location: Kearny Mesa
Favorite Spa: Sundance 880 Capri
Previous Work Experience: Outdoor Design
Interesting Fact: I have twin daughters who were pregnant at the same time!

Karen Crowley

How long in spa industry: 1992
How long at Champagne Spas: March 2011
Position: Sales
Store Location: Kearny Mesa
Favorite Spa: Sundance 880 Kingston
Previous Work Experience: Traveling Sales
Interesting Fact: My Uncle managed the Angels baseball team in the 80s

Jason Hacker

How long in spa industry: 1987
How long at Champagne Spas: 1996
Position: Service Technician
Store Location: Field Service Tech
Favorite Spa: Sundance 880 Aspen
Previous Work Experience: Working On Hot Tubs Since I Was 18!
Interesting Fact: Very Involved With Spartan Racing

Becky Hultenius

How long in spa industry: November 2015
How long at Champagne Spas: November 2015
Position: Admin
Store Location: Kearny Mesa
Favorite Spa: Sundance 880 Marin
Previous Work Experience: Accountant for Pure Flo Water
Interesting Fact: I love BIG dogs and miss my Rhodesian Ridgebacks Terribly!

We Are Hiring

We are hiring at Champagne Spas in Kearny Mesa!

We are in need of a full-time showroom assistant ASAP.
Must work weekends and have their own transportation.

We also have an opening for a customer service/admin assistant. This position will assist customers and managers with online sales and transactions.

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At Champagne Spas, you can explore a wide selection of hot tubs, swim spas and spa supplies available in a range of prices. With multiple packages available, our sales professionals can help you find what you need in no time at all. Rest assured that no matter your needs, our team is here to assist you. Our spa store is dedicated to your health, safety and overall well-being. We follow all guidelines from public health to ensure that our showroom is a safe and clean environment for you to shop in comfortably.

We are committed to exceptional customer service, through and through. All of our customers are treated with kindness, respect and professionalism every step of the way. We will help you find what you’re looking for or help solve the problem quickly and effectively.