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Electrical Hook Up

Electrical Hook Up

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Hot Tub & Spa Electrical Hook-Up In San Diego


Hot Tub & Swim Spa Electrical Information

To operate correctly, most of the hot tubs and swim spas we offer require a hard-wired electrical hook up with 240 volts and 40 amps, 50 amps, or 60 amps. We do, however, have several tubs that can run on either 120 volts or 240 volts. These tubs are nice when the higher amperage service is not available or when you are not able to alter the electrical service. These are often referred to as “plug and play” hot tubs.

If you are installing your hot tub or swim spa outside in our region, it is recommended that you wire and run it at maximum voltage and amperage. The reason is simple: hot tubs and swim spas operate more efficiently when they are allowed to operate without restriction.

We also recommend that your required, outdoor disconnect be a GFCI disconnect. This will allow our Service and Maintenance Technicians to work on your hot tub or swim spa without needing to gain access to the main electrical service panel inside your house.

Below are links to each manufacturer’s owner’s manuals. There you can find the electrical specifications for their hot tubs and swim spas by model.

Sundance Spas

Sundance Spas Owners Manual

Artesian Spas

Artesian Spas Owners Manual

TidalFit Swim Spas

TidalFit Swim Spas Owners Manual

Looking for an Electrical Contractor?

We have done thousands of installations in San Diego and would be happy to recommend a professional, licensed electrician in your area. Please contact us. If you prefer, we can contract the electrical work for you, saving you time and potential headaches. You can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy your hot tub, spa, or sauna when it is completed.

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