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Portable Spa Base

Portable Spa Base

Just as every good home starts with a great foundation, so too will hot tubs and swim spas benefit from a solid spa base. While some hot tub and swim spa owners may opt for a permanent place for their tub, there is a case to be made for portability. Using a portable spa base can reduce hassle, allowing you to set up your tub more quickly, and to move your tub, if you need.


The innovative SmartDeck patio system provides a perfect solution to the problem of establishing a flat and level spa surface. A simple, yet versatile, prefabricated composite hot tub platform that allows you to quickly set up a spa anywhere without the hassle and cost of pouring a concrete slab. Each panel locks together allowing the creation of small or large decks if desired. Textured surface and black color add to the deck’s elegant appeal.