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Giving back to those who give so much.

Giving back to those who give so much

Whether helping generations of families come together or giving back to those who give so much, supporting good causes in our communities simply feels like the perfect fit. Please join Sundance® Spas and the Good Cause Spas™ movement in our support of the many worthy organizations that strive to help our neighbors, heroes, and champions.

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    The following items will be requested after successful submission of this webform. Please check your email for further instructions. Applications will not be processed without these additional items.

    The more photos the better. This will help us get a better idea of what tools and inputs we will need to get the hot tub hooked up in the fastest way possible.

    • Video or Picture of the proposed hot tub site. Please include an area that will be at least 10’X10’.
    • Pictures of pathways to the site of the house (for delivery).
    • Electric hookups outside the house, or where the best location inside the house a hookup could take place to be run outside.
    • include a picture of your breaker box with the door open to show the open slots for a future hot tub electric hookup.
    • Picture of your family (if applicable).

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