Using Your Spa To Recover From An Injury

Did you know a hot tub can be the best natural medicine when you’re injured? That’s because hot tub hydrotherapy not only offers relief from your aches and pains, but helps with the healing and rehabilitation process as well. Also known as hydrotherapy, warm water immersion is an ancient remedy that still works today. Let’s take a look at how you can use your spa to help you heal.

Physical Support

When you’re seated in the healing waters of your spa, pressure and weight are naturally lifted from your body. In fact, depending on your size, 75-90% of your body weight will be supported by the water.

This is helpful because when the force of gravity is lessened, the wounded area becomes less painful, especially if it’s a weight-bearing injury.

Pain Relief

When you’re hurt, you may find you have pain throughout your body as your muscles and joints work together to support and protect the injured area. As a result, muscle tension and strain can quickly crop up.

No matter what kind of injury you’re suffering from, soaking in the hot tub will help. The heated water increases healing blood flow to injured areas, while also easing stiffness and decreasing swelling and inflammation.

Pain relief can even extend past your time in the spa, because when your muscles are relaxed you can move more naturally.


When your pain is eased, your body is able to relax and take full advantage of the healing heat and massage your hot tub offers.

The adjustable jets in your tub can be moved to massage the areas where you’re experiencing the most tension while the heat of the water makes your muscles warm and pliable.

If your spa has aromatherapy technology, you may also want to consider using the power of scent to speed the healing process. As long as you choose an aromatherapy product that’s made for hot tubs, you can take advantage of the soothing properties of essential oils. Lavender, peppermint and vanilla are all good choices for easing muscle pain and encouraging relaxation.

Regain Strength

Once you have the OK from your doctor, try adding some stretching exercises to your spa time to help strengthen your body.

Your hot tub really is the best place to do your physical therapy because the buoyancy the water offers will help support the injured area. You should also enjoy increased range of motion because the heat of the water will make your muscles more pliable.

Start by moving the affected area slowly and carefully. If you can do that without pain, try lightly stretching the area. As your body heals, and if your doctor gives you the green light, add some toning exercises or easy yoga moves to your routine. This will strengthen not only the injured area but your body as a whole.

Remember, the key is to take things slowly and never push your body to the point of pain.

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