The Best Way To Safely Store Your Hot Tub Chemicals

It can be very exciting on the day you decide to purchase your very first hot tub. Once you have compared hot tub prices and decided on a model, bought all of the necessary hot tub accessories and learned which hot tub chemicals you need, you can enjoy your spa installation! Although it might seem a bit daunting to have to figure out the best way to store your hot tub water care products and other maintenance accessories, with a few easy tips you can put the stress out of caring for your new hot tub out of your mind.

The Importance of Effective Chemical Storage

As with all chemicals, it is imperative that you keep them away from children, so it will benefit you greatly to acquire a container that can be locked or put out of reach. This container and safe storage space will also help ensure that they are preserved properly and fulfill their shelf life. We often recommend storing your chemicals on the middle and upper shelves of an outdoor storage shed or storage container. This will help to keep them in a controlled environment, away from curious children, wildlife or pets.

If you do not have access to a shed or storage container, consider keeping them in the garage. Never store them under the hot tub itself as this is a disaster just waiting to happen.

Read the Labels

Always read the labels on the containers. Many have a shelf life of up to two or three years and should never be used past that point. If the label has become illegible, that is an obvious indicator that maybe it is time to throw it out. Stay aware of the information provided to help understand how the chemicals should be used as the warnings and directions are essential to avoiding any dangerous outcomes.

Do not transfer your water care products from one container to another. Keep them in their original packaging, to avoid mixing them together or misplacing the care guidelines.

Even though it sounds a bit scary, it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is one diligent person to keep an eye on the chemicals and be responsible for their preservation. It is as simple as keeping dry chemicals, dry and away from any moisture. Following directions on the container can be the best help when it comes to preventing many issues.

For more information about storing and using your hot tub water care products properly, contact the experts at your local hot tub store, such as Champagne Spas in San Diego, today.

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Owning a hot tub is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and there is no reason it should ever have to cause you to worry. Please check out our blog if you are interested in learning more about hot tubs or stop on by Champagne Spas located here in San Diego where we will be happy to talk you through any concerns you may have and help set your mind at ease!