Spending More Time With Your Kids In The Swim Spa

If you’re fresh out of ideas on how to spend quality time together at home, why not make spa time family time?

If you have trouble getting your kids to unplug and put away their screens, your swim spa can help. Not only does it give your children something to look forward to after a long day of school or on the weekends, it gives you a chance to reconnect as a family without distractions.

So whether you want to spend some fun, quality time with your young children or stay connected to your teens, here are a few things to keep in mind.


If you have children under the age of 12, there are a few safety issues you need to be aware of.


Children don’t have the same ability to cool themselves down by sweating as teens and adults, making it easy for them to overheat. That’s why the water in the hot tub portion of your swim spa should be set at a maximum of 98°F. If that’s too cool for you, have the kids do partial immersion on your hot tub’s bench or jump seat.


If your kids aren’t tall enough to have their head fully out of the water, they’ll need to sit on your lap or on your spa’s bench or jump seat, which offer partial immersion. If they’re in the swimming portion of your spa, you should consider having your kids wear a swim vest if they aren’t good swimmers.

Making It Fun

The age of your children will determine how you can make quality time in your spa enjoyable for them. Here are a few ideas:

For Young Kids

Most children don’t want to sit around in the hot tub portion of your swim spa chatting. To make spa time more interesting for them, try playing some easy games such as ‘find the treasure’ where you drop items on the bottom of your swim spa and the kids have to find them. Other popular games include freeze tag and beach ball races.

If you want games for sitting and relaxing, ‘I Spy,’ or ‘Who am I?’ are always popular as is ‘Quiz land,’ a game where you pick a category and quiz each other.

For Teens

The games you play with your young children probably aren’t going to fly with your teens.

If your swim spa is big enough, pool volleyball can be a lot of fun as can water basketball. If you want something fun to do while relaxing, try playing a variation of some popular word or guessing games.

Taboo, which is always popular with older kids, is a game during which a person describes a concept or word without using specific related words. For instance, if the word is ‘cookie,’ you must give clues without using the words ‘bake,’ ‘oven,’ ‘dessert’ or ‘chocolate chip.’ Other popular games are ‘Name That Tune,’ where you hum popular songs and the other players have to guess the song title and ‘Twenty Questions,’ a guessing game in which one person chooses a famous person, past or present, and the players must ask 20 questions or less to figure out who the person is.

If you’re not in the mood for games, encourage your kids to tell you about what’s happening in their lives. The spa is a great place to catch up with each other.

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