Sleep Better With These New Year’s Resolutions

Sleeping is a vital part of our daily lives. In fact, sleep contributes to about 1/3 of the time we spend alive. That’s a whole lot of time! Having enough sleep not only means you feel better throughout the day, but also means your body functions properly. People who get enough sleep remember things better, eat healthier, and get more accomplished each day. Because sleep is so important, what better way to start off the New Year than vowing to get more of it? Champagne Spas has made a list of resolutions that could help you get more sleep.

Make Your Bed to Feel More Comfortable While You Sleep

No one like sleeping in a messy bed! Your sheets and blankets may be freshly cleaned, but an unmade bed can cause a lot of nighttime problems. When your bed is unmade, you may have a hard time getting comfortable enough to fall asleep or even wake up in the middle of the night with cold feet. Making your bed ensures that you are going to stay cozy and warm during the night. Also, making your bed in the morning is a good way to start your day. Many people even find it relaxing!

Keep a Strict Sleeping Routine

Look, we get it. Sometimes life gets in the way and you find yourself staying up later than you’d like. However, keeping a strict sleep routine will make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. People who go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning report feeling more satisfied with their sleep. By keeping a sleeping routine, you may even find you have more time than you think you had!

Some activities you may want to include in your bedtime routine to help you relax can include:

  • Having a bath
  • Using an essential oil diffuser
  • Reading a book
  • Soaking in the hot tub
  • Gentle massage

To make the most of your bedtime routine, try to begin at the same time each night and lay your head down to sleep at the same time, too! This will help keep you on track with your resolutions.

Sleep in A Quiet, Dark Room

For some people, sleeping comes naturally. However, this isn’t the case for the majority of people. Sleeping in a quiet and dark room will help you fall asleep much quicker. You may be used to falling asleep with the TV on or with a nightlight in the corner, but getting away from these habits will mean you sleep better throughout the night.

Start Practicing Aromatherapy

People use aromatherapy for various reasons, but one of those reasons is to sleep better. Another way to help with your resolutions! Essential oils like lavender can help you fall asleep. Many people get good results with other oils like rosemary oil or bergamot too! If you have a hot tub, you can even use spa-friendly aromatherapy products in the water for a nice relaxing soak that promotes sleep.

Soak in a Spa

Soaking in a spa before bedtime can help you get to sleep too! Generally, a 15 to 20-minute soak in a hot tub an hour before bed promotes better sleep. When you soak in a hot tub, your core body temperature rises. Then when you get out, your core body temperature decreases. This action tells your brain, it’s time for bed, which is similar to the body’s natural process.

Champagne Spas in San Diego

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