Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Spice Up Your Hot Tub’s Aesthetic

Lighting up an outdoor area can create the perfect ambiance to relax after a hard day’s work, but more importantly, proper lighting enhances the safety and functionality of your outdoor space, making it easier to navigate and avoid injury. With many options available, it may be overwhelming to come up with a solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, but with the right information, it’s possible to come up with a solution that will enhance safety and is dazzling at the same time.

String Lights to Give Overhead Mood Lighting

String lights are a great and cost-effective way to brighten up your backyard. Fortunately, there are many types of string lighting options available ranging from bright fluorescent lights all the way to dim mood light. The most effective use of string lights is to dangle them over areas that people will be sitting. If you have a veranda over your outdoor hot tub, you can simply attach string lighting over it. However, there’s no need to fret if you don’t have one! What makes string lights perfect for outdoor is their ability to be strung up between far away objects. This will allow you to get creative with your placement!

In-ground Lights to Accent Pathways

Another lighting option available for you is in-ground lights. In-ground lighting serves the dual purpose of safety and design because it can be used to highlight pathways. A popular method for implementing ground light is to line the pathway to your hot tub, which will really make it stand out.

Lanterns to Give a Warm Feeling

Not all of your lighting has to draw electricity. Lanterns are a great way to light up an area around your hot tub by using candles. If you want the area around your hot tub to feel a little more intimate and secluded, you can place lanterns in areas around your hot tub. The soft light of the lanterns will surely set the mood for a relaxing evening.

Motion-activated Light to Save on Electricity

If you’re worried about wasting electricity or simply don’t want to deal with turning your outdoor lighting on and off all the time, motion-activated lights are the way to go. Motion-activated lights come in all shapes and sizes, so the options are really endless. Typically, motion-activated lights are used to light pathways, but you could also place smaller versions in plant pots to give your plants a nice warm glow at night.

Hot Tub Specific Lighting

There are many hot tub accessories available at your disposal. Included in those accessories is lighting options that can really make your hot tub stand out and make it the centerpiece of your backyard. If you have a 4-person hot tub, hot tub lighting is a surefire way to draw attention to it and make sure everyone can get in and out safely without bumping into one another.

More Lighting Options in San Diego

If you’re searching for more lighting options, give us a visit to Champagne Spas in San Diego. We can help you come up with the right solution to all your hot tub lighting needs, and if you’re interested in more ways to spruce up the area around your hot tub, check out our blog. We can even show you some of the best hot tubs for your outdoor area!