How To Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

Keeping your hot tub filters clean is essential to the optimal working of your spa. So, if you want to learn how you can keep your filters running at full efficiency, read on for our tips below.

1. Two Filters Better Than One

Having two hot tub filters is a great way to ensure your hot tub is not out of commission because of filter maintenance. With two, when one is being cleaned, the other can be put in place immediately. Of course, it’s perfectly OK to get by with one filter. Having a spare is more a matter of convenience than necessity.

2. Weekly Water Rinse

Cleaning your filter on a set schedule is critical to its performance. Rinsing it well with a garden hose is best but, if you don’t have one handy, rinsing it underwater in a sink or large laundry basin is perfectly fine too. Be sure to keep the water temperature cold or moderate rather than hot.

Another no-no is using a power washer, scrub brush or, even worse, the dishwasher. While these are all great cleaning agents for other items, they will break down the filter’s fibers, vastly shortening its lifespan.

When cleaning, make sure to spray the water at an angle in between each of the filter’s pleats. This will flush out dirt and debris effectively. Permit the filter to dry completely before reinstalling it in your spa.

3. Monthly Chemical Rinse

Once a month, your filter will need a thorough cleaning with hot tub filter chemicals.

Begin by spraying cleaner on the filter. Once the solution has been on for approximately 15 minutes, rinse the filter clean, making sure to spray well between the folds. This is essential to avoid leftover residue causing foam to form in your spa.

When choosing a cleaner, it’s important to purchase a product made specifically for hot tub filters. Although bleach and household cleaners are cheaper in the short-term, they aren’t worth it in the long run. Bleach will damage the filter’s fibers, vastly reducing its effectiveness. While most filters are good for a year of continuous use with proper care, it won’t hold up nearly that long if its fibers are degraded.

Household cleaners may not harm the filter, but they will lead to soap scum on it, causing your hot tub water to foam. Visit your local hot tub store for a reputable and effective hot tub filter cleaner.

4. Quarterly Chemical Soak

The best time to do a filter chemical soak is when you change your hot tub’s water. Traditionally done every three months, doing the chemical soak with every water change ensures you won’t forget this important filter maintenance.

To perform a proper chemical soak, be sure to purchase a cleaning chemical specifically made for this purpose. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when mixing it with water and place the dirty filter in the solution. The filter should be left to soak overnight or for 24 hours. Once that time has elapsed, rinse it well with water and allow it to dry.

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