How Hot Tubs Can Help If Your Job Is Physically Demanding

Do you work in a physically demanding job? Does your body ache all over from heavy lifting and awkward positions? If the demands of your job are greater than what your body can bear, it could be a sign that you need to bring self-care into your day, especially when your body won’t let you! Whether you’re operating heavy machinery, driving forklifts, or standing for long periods of time, a hot tub can be the rejuvenation your body needs. Keep reading to learn more.

Clear the Tensions of the Day Away

Stress is bad for you! It can affect your thoughts, feelings, and mood, and wreak havoc on your body. One way to reset your personal button and clear the tensions of the day away is by spending time in your hot tub. Research shows that when you immerse yourself into the warm bubbly water of your hot tub, it lowers your heart rate by 15% and your blood pressure by 11-12%. The soothing warmth of the water also stimulates endorphins, a “feel-good” chemical that helps you relax, relate, and release. If you want to feel human again and be ready to take on the challenges of a new day, a 20-minute soak in your hot tub is all it takes.

Relieve Pain

For on-demand relief of chronic pain, so you can live your fullest life, hot tub hydrotherapy can work wonders! Recognized for temporary pain relief, hydrotherapy or water therapy is the practice of using water, and its physical and thermal properties to induce healing.

Ever notice that weightlessness you feel once immersed in the water? That’s the buoyancy effect which reduces your body weight by as much as 90 percent. When you combine this with the soothing warmth of the water with the hydromassage from the hot tub’s powerful jets, you’re getting a three-in-one relaxation experience, that relieves pressure from your muscle, joints, and mind.

Soothe Sore Muscles

When your muscles are overworked, they become stiff and feel sore. Whether you’ve worked up a sweat in the gym and pushed your body to the limit or sat at your desk for far too long, a hot tub can provide relief from sore muscles and aching body tissues.

The soreness in your muscles are typically caused by a buildup of lactic acid. This happens when there’s not enough oxygen available to the muscles while they’re working, which can result in muscle pain.

Soaking in a hot tub can combat muscle pain because it increases the blood’s circulation which promotes oxygen movement throughout the body and makes it less likely for lactic acid to buildup.

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