How A Spa Can Help Ease Headache Pain

When you have a pounding headache, your first line of defense may be reaching for the pain medication. But what if we told you that there may be an all-natural approach to managing headache pain, sitting in your backyard? Headaches are caused by many different things, but the most common causes are muscle tension and stress. Specifically, tightness in the shoulders, neck, and face are the main culprits for constant headaches.

One way to alleviate the tension that causes headaches is through relaxation. You could try meditation and calming teas, but nothing beats submerging your body in the soothing water of a hot tub.

Hot Tubs Provide Temperature Therapy

Soaking in hot water can offer some serious healing benefits. When you immerse yourself in a hot tub, your body releases endorphins. These are the feel-good brain chemicals that help relieve pain.

Also, hot water improves your breathing. When the temperature of the water puts pressure on your chest, it increases your oxygen capacity. This helps facilitate deep breathing, and deep breathing is known to lessen pain intensity.

With a boost of endorphins along with effective breathing, your headache practically melts away. For best results, we recommend keeping water temperature between 94° to 96° F. Anything above 104°F is not recommended and could result in an artificial fever.

Hot Tubs Massage Pain Points

Although it may feel like it, headache pain doesn’t always come from your brain. Most headaches are caused by inflamed nerves, blood vessels, and muscles that cover your head and neck.

As your muscles get tense, pain signals are sent to your brain, which can result in a pounding headache. One of the best ways to ease inflamed muscles and nerves is through massage. The pulsating jets from a spa can gently massage away inflammation.

Within 20 minutes of soaking in your hot tub, you will notice your entire body entering a state of relaxation. As your stiff muscles ease and relax, you may notice that your headache begins to subside. After you exit the hot tub, you may want to change into comfortable clothes, drink a glass of water and lay down to help your headache further subside.

Soaking in a hot tub regularly can help to prevent headaches in the future as well, by providing you with a convenient approach to relaxation and eased muscle tension, along with other aches and pains.

Hot Tubs Help You Sleep Better

Let’s face it, we all could use more sleep. An occasional night of poor sleep isn’t a big deal. However, consistent sleep deprivation could cause ill effects. One of those effects is chronic headaches.

One thing that helps promote restful sleep is relaxation. Soaking in a hot tub an hour or two before bedtime triggers your body to cool down. This makes it easier to fall asleep.

A quick soak in a hot tub is a natural way to promote restful sleep. With more sleep, you’ll experience fewer headaches.

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As far as our experts at Champagne Spas are concerned, a hot tub isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. The hydrotherapy features of a hot tub not only reduce chronic headaches, but also boost your overall well-being. If you’re conflicted on which hot tub to invest in, take a look at our array of 6-person hot tubs. Choose from a variety of Sundance® Spas and Artesian Spas. Looking to compare hot tub prices? Check out our Build and Price Hot Tub tool.