Best Hot Tubs For Big Backyards

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a hot tub is the size of the tub. If a spa is too small, then you may not be able to accommodate the people you invite over or use it to the full ability. If you have a big backyard, choosing the right size hot tub for the space you have will mean you get the most out of your hot tub. Below, Champagne Spas have compiled a list for potential hot tub investors who have big backyards.

Number 1: The Claremont®

If you have a big backyard, you have a lot of space to work with. For this reason, choosing the Claremont® may be the best option for you. The Claremont® can accommodate up to six people and has a water capacity of 405 gallons. Its dimensions are 7’8” x 8’4” x 34”. Its large size and capacity will not only fill up your backyard but also make sure there’s room for guests to enjoy a soak. The Claremont® is the ultimate hot tub for people who want to enjoy the best that hot tubs have to offer. Other features of the Claremont® include:

  • 59 total jets
  • One lounge seat
  • Six aromatherapy jets
  • An illuminated waterfall

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Number 2: The Cameo®

If you want a tub that has a little of everything, the Cameo® may be the right tub for you. It seats up to six people and holds 370 gallons of water. It features a full lounge seat with calf and feet massagers, drink holders, and three headrests. Its dimensions are 7’5” x 7’5” x 37.5” so it would make a great centerpiece to your backyard. Other features of the Cameo™ include:

  • Sunglow illuminated air controls
  • 54 total jets
  • One waterfall
  • Optional stereo system

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Number 3: The Odessa™

If you like hosting parties and having a great time with your friends or family, the Odessa™ is the way to go. The Odessa™ can hold up to seven people comfortably because of its spacious interior. The Odessa™ doesn’t have a lounge, however, it does have many other great features. One of those features is aromatherapy jets to take the edge of a long day. Other features of the Odessa™ include:

  • LED Lighting
  • Four headrests
  • 37 total jets
  • Two massage selectors

Number 4: The Lisbon™

For people who want to fill up space in their yard while getting the best features on the market, the LIBSON™ hot tub is a great pick! The Lisbon™ hot tub has a water capacity of 370 gallons. Its dimensions are 89” x 89” x 34”, and has a capacity of six people. The Lisbon™ hot tub also boasts a modern water purification system, which makes it great for heavy use. Other features of the Lisbon™ include:

  • 44 total jets
  • Lounge seat
  • Multicolor LED lighting
  • Three comfortable headrests

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