5 Backyard Living Trends Making A Splash In 2018

Are you ready to take your backyard to the next level? From cascading waterfalls and aromatic scents, to high-tech hot-tubs with colored lighting, we forecast some of the most notable trends shaping backyard living in 2018. Read on for more inspiration!

High-Tech Hot Tubs

If you want to put the “ahhhh” back in spa and make your hot tub the showpiece of your backyard, then consider a hot tub with an integrated stereo system. Pump jams from Spotify or watch your favorite Netflix show as you settle into your soak. Perfect for entertaining friends and family, you’ll find that there is a wealth of unexpected entertainment features available that bridge the gap between luxury and functionality.

Water Features

Who doesn’t love the sound of running water?

Water features in and around your pool, hot tub or swim spa can add to the aquatic ambiance, and conveniently curb outside distractions. While cascading waterfalls and fountains have long been a popular mainstay for swimming pools, new energy-efficient falls cascading from a raised hot tub or swim spa can also provide the perfect water retreat.

This is one hot tub installation idea you won’t want to sleep on!

Show-Stopping Lights

This year is set to bring an increase in the use of solar-powered, energy-efficient LED lights. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, why not consider installing underwater lighting to illuminate the pools’ waves and ripples to make it the perfect focal point for your property?

You can also exhibit carefully-positioned outdoor lighting fixtures to create ambiance and draw attention to specific landscape features, such as shrubs, plants, and walkways while enhancing safety and security.

Another great idea is installing a powerful lighting fixture on a nearby tree to cast shadows and create the perfect moonlight effect. For the best lighting fixtures and power supply accessories, be sure to visit our Spa and Pool Store.


Chromotherapy – the science of using colors to promote natural healing, is another growing trend for your hot tub or swim spa. By exposing your body to colored light while soaking in the warm, bubbly water in your hot tub or spa, you’ll be able to create the perfect therapeutic experience.

The Maxxus spa, which is the flagship model of Sundance® Spas, is fully-equipped with LED lighting options to melt away your stress and match your desired mood with one of seven rotating colors.

Indoors Ventures Outside

Get ready for the indoors to take over the outdoors in 2018! Thanks to new fade-resistant and waterproof outdoor fabrics, homeowners can create permanent living spaces outdoors with comfortable fabrics and portable, multi-function furniture and accessories.

So, there you have it! The top five backyard living trends making a splash in 2018! At Champagne Spas, you’ll find an assortment of hot tubs, swim spas and accessories for sale in Southern California to create incredible comfort and make better use of your backyard.

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